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Fleet Feet Greenville offers shoes from companies that create products designed especially for running and walking, and we carefully evaluate all shoes to select only those that are the best balance of value and performance. Our goal is to provide quality shoes that help you improve your performance.

Our fitting process, which we call Fitlosophy, ensures that we help you choose the best shoes for your needs. We'll ask about your current running or walking routine, any aches or injuries, and your personal goals. We'll measure both of your feet, check for problem areas, review your gait, and only then recommend several possible shoes specifically for you, both physically and personally. Factors we consider include cushioning, stability, shape of foot and shoe, and comfort.

Our large range of sizes, with widths from AA to EEEE and lengths to 15, offers a great selection for finding your best shoe. We reorder our stock weekly and are always happy to special-order any shoe in just the size you need, at no extra charge.

Several factors affect the performance and comfort you will get from a new pair of shoes. Below are some tips for buying your next pair of shoes.
  • Bring questions!  Our staff is professionally trained and happy to answer any and all questions.
  • Bring your most recent pair of running or walking shoes with you to the store with you. The wear pattern will give our sales people an indication of your gait. Be sure to mention if there were aspects about the shoe you particularly liked or didn't like.  Don't have them with you?  No worries, our Fit process will enable us to find the best shoe for you!
  • Be sure to have your feet measured periodically, as foot size changes over time.
  • Buy shoes for how they fit and feel, not for their color or cool factor. Wearing shoes that don't fit or support your feet properly can lead to injuries and wreck your fitness plans.
  • Tell us your goals!  Whether you're looking for comfortable shoes to wear to work or if you want to run your fastest marathon, your goals are important to us and will ensure you get the best shoe for you!

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