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Sleep deprived Americans; delight in gaining an extra hour of sleep! However, in conjunction of the recent time change and the addition of an extra hour of sleep, daylight in the evening time has diminished.  For those of us who exercise in the evening, increased visibility by cars and other vehicles is of great importance. Lights and vest can help you stand out in the midst of the darkness. We've sorted through the apparel and accessories that you can wear to increase your visibility. These items will make you stand out, at any time of the day.


 Nathan LED Strobe Light

1. Nathan LED Strobe Light

Safety with style - slim, lightweight, and waterproof. The perfect amount of light to keep you moving safely during all hours of the day.


 Nathan Lightbender Arm Band

2. Nathan Lightbender LED Armband

An incredibly lightweight and comfortable LED band, the LightBender wraps around your arm to provide 360-degree visibility. Better yet? It's completely sweatproof, waterproof, and powered with an easily replaceable watch battery for 100+ hours of illumination.


 Nathan Photon Vest

3. Nathan Reflective LED Photon Vest

Optimal visibility and minimal material make it the lightest-weight safety vest that will keep you safe.


 CEP Reflective Run Sock

4. Progressive + Run CEP Sock

As if graduated compression from CEP couldn’t get better, they now come in a brilliant neon color for a cool look and added safety.



 nathan lightspur

5. Nathan Light Spur

Whether running or biking, having this secure and lightweight LED spur will help you stay seen and safe. Best yet? Its replaceable watch battery offers 100+ hours of illumination.



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