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The Decerning Runner's Guide to Greenville

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The Decerning Runner's Guide to Greenville

By Frank DeVar

Prologue: This is far from a comprehensive list of places to drink beer in Greenville, just the spots you need to try based off of beer selection and ambience. Breweries need not worry, as there will be another edition dedicated solely to their establishments. WIthout further adieu, the list. (in no meaningful order)

  1. The Velo-Fellow: Located in the heart of Downtown Greenville, this bar is tough to beat in terms of ambiance. It gets huge points for not having a TV, playing tasteful music ranging from 90’s indie, to contemporary elite rock, and having well-stocked bookshelves. This is a spot for those who enjoy conversation without the extreme sensory overload plaguing most downtown bars. For those looking for a wide variety of beer, take note, their beer selection on tap is small, and could use increased updating. This small critique is more than made up by the wonderful time you will inevitably spend when visiting this downtown gem.

  2. Pour: This place is built for the samplers. It follows a simple premise of allowing the customers to sample as much or as little beer they see fit from an entire wall of taps. The selection is thoughtfully chosen, updated frequently, wide-ranging, and easy to navigate. Pour does lose points for ambience though, as the music can be a little too loud, and an enormous amount of tv’s. Best times to visit are either when quiet, early evenings, or when packed, Friday/Saturday nights(if you’re trying to be social, or in a group).

  3. Upstate Craft Beer Co.: Situated in the burgeoning Augusta Road Corridor, Upstate is quietly establishing itself as a premier destination for the serious beer-drinker. Upstate boasts a wonderful tap list with a wide of selection of beers brewed on-site, local, and regional options. Their bottle list is equally impressive with a thoughtfully chosen catalogue of beers around the world. WIth great outdoor/indoor seating, and knowledgeable staff, there are few reasons not to visit Upstate Craft Beer.

  4. The Tasting Room: While not technically in Greenville, it is located close enough in Travelers Rest to make the list. The Tasting Room may not have the sheer amount of selection of Upstate and Pour, but makes up for it’s lack of quantity with some seriously quality beer. The variety on tap and bottle are updated frequently and painstakingly chosen. It is difficult to drink a bad beer here. Like Velo, this is a wonderful spot to have a long conversation with an old friend, or enjoy a quiet date. A short trip to TR is certainly worth the drive if you’re visiting the Tasting Room.

  5. Community Tap: A community favorite and for good reason. Few places make it easier to sample and buy beer. Community Tap weekly picks the best local and domestic beers to put on tap. It also doubles as a beer and wine shop with an impressive collection of bottles and cans to take home. In warmer months, there are few moments where CT isn’t packed. They get huge points for great outdoor seating and their bring-your-own-food policy. It would not be a trip to Greenville without visiting Community Tap.

Epilogue- As a D.C. transplant, I wonder if the citizens of Greenville know how good they have it in terms of the sheer amount of places to drink great beer. It wasn’t this great in DC, and nor is it in most cities around the world. My advice for those visiting, go for a run on the Swamp Rabbit, and pick any of these places for a leisurely afternoon with a friend of loved one. They will not disappoint.  


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